Members' Reviews

Reviews from Members attending film club.

Film Club is about learning about film, actors, directors and film makers. Simon makes it all very accessible and fun “.    Jill 

The tracking shot as a moral statement’ or ‘film stock and the appearance of reality’. Simon’s technical insight and practitioner experience provide film insights in a clear and understandable way. Find out about cult films without joining a cult. You also get to see the film on a bigger screen; And with cake- what’s not to like!’    Rab 

'A local film club that has been established since 2011.

Enjoyable, educative, entertaining and presented by Simon who has a film background and a wealth of cinematic knowledge.

A very friendly group.    I give it a 5 star rating. '     Colin

'Film Club is not just about watching great films, its about the history of film, how a director works, great cinematography, how music is featured in film. An education in the art of film.'  Steve