Freelance Lecturer

SIMON FRAMPTON       Film Lecturer Available For Hire At Your Venue

Lecture Titles Available

Actors and Actresses

Al Pacino

Alec Guinness CH CBE   

Audrey Hepburn

Bette Davies

Burt Lancaster 

Cary Grant

Charlotte Rampling

David Niven

Dirk Bogarde

Dustin Hoffman

Elizabeth Taylor  

Gregory Peck

Henry Fonda 

Humphrey Bogart

Ingrid Bergman

Isabelle Adjani

James Mason

James Stewart

Jeanne Moreau 

John Joseph "Jack" Nicholson 

Julie Christie

Juliette Binoche

Katharine Houghton Hepburn 

Marlon Brando

Meryl Streep

Michael Caine

Nicole Mary Kidman 

Paul Newman

Peter Sellers

Richard Attenborough

Robert De Niro

Shirley MacLaine 

Simone Signoret

Sophia Loren

Spencer Tracy

Tom Hanks

Film Directors

Alfred Hitchcock

Andre Tarkovsky 

Billy Wilder

David Lean Early Films

Federico Fellini

Francois Truffaut

Ingmar Bergman

Joseph Losey

Ken Russell and the Great Composers

Orson Welles

Powell and Pressburger

Roman Polanski

Satyjit Ray

Sergio Leone

Stanley Kubrick

Steven Spielberg

William Wyler

Wim Wenders

Woody Allen

Cinema by Country

American Independents

American Studio System

Australian Cinema

Black Comedy in French Film 

Canadian Cinema            

Cinema of South America Including Cuba

Early Russian Cinema

European Auteurs

Japanese Cinema

Modern German Cinema and its fascination with the past.

Spanish Cinema

I have been lecturing for the past 12 years about a number of different subjects including fashion, explorers and history. In the last eight years I have specialised in lecturing about Film. I have given talks to many different organisations including the U3A, Women’s Institute, Solar Society and private groups.


So How does it work?


Well there are different options available

  1. I can give a talk about a cinema subject maybe a favourite actor or actress. All subjects are lavishly illustrated with film clips. The talks can last from 40 minutes up to 90 minutes you decide.
  2. I can give a talk about a cinema subject as above but also show a full length film which corresponds to the talk afterwards.
  3. Both of the above with a discussion group afterwards. Where we discuss all we have seen in a group setting usually over tea or coffee!
  4. A brief talk about a favourite film before showing it.


My Requirements

A hall or large room with either a screen or a plain white wall.

I will bring everything else. A high quality projector, sound system, blu-ray player and lectern.

I will need power points to plug my equipment into but I always carry a collection of extension cables with me.


The cost varies according to the options above and the distance I have to travel.

Please contact me for a price by email.

Thank you Simon Frampton

I list below some of the many different lecture titles available.

Themes In Cinema

A Dame With A Past A Hero With No Future Themes in Film Noir

British Film Noir

British Films in the 1960’s including historical Cinema adverts.

Cold War



Female Film Directors

Femme Fatale In Film Noir

Films With A Social Conscience

Four Iconic Italian Actresses

Hays Code

Hollywood England


The Changing Depiction of Ethnic Minorities in Film History.

Road Trip Films

The Ealing Comedies.


Winners Of Best Foreign Oscar


WWII Alternative

For Enquiries please contact me on email below. 

Film Movements

Primitives and Pioneers

Early Days Of Comedy

German Expressionist Cinema

Poetic Realism In French Cinema

Film Noir

Italian Neo-Realism

French New Wave

British New Wave

British Documentary Film 

Technical Cinema


European Animation

Importance Of Sound Design In Film

Role Of The Producer

Silent to Sound